Who is it for?
The course is intended for the HR and operational managers at all levels, internal coaches, entrepreneurs, company owners and all those who wish to learn how to work with people differently.

• What is the content?
This is the first out of the three modules of the course “Coaching in the workplace”.
Main topics:
The Goal: Understand the principle and philosophy of

–         Coaching as a form of personal development of an individual or a team ( what does it bring to me, to the team or to the company)

–         Basic coaching skills in line with the ICF competences 1-11, (ethics, active listening, powerful questioning, building awareness, designing actions)

–         Basics of coaching process GROW and Solution focus (further IFC competencies ie contracting, coaching presence, planning for action, taking action)

–         Application of coaching skills and processes through practical work in triads, using authentic topics of the participants supervised by tutor/coaches                      – one tutor to 3-4 participants.

ZOOM allows us to work in a virtual rooms to practice. The process is highly interactive with 80% practice and 20% theory.
Detailed thematic content of the course, the outcome, price and the whole process can be seen on our website: COACHING IN THE WORKPLACE

• The venue?
28.1.2020 – 29.1.2020 from 8.00 till 15.00 Online on ZOOM

What do I need to do to take part?
Register sending us a mail to

How long does the course take and how much does it cost?
3×6/18 hours at the cost of 830 Eur
Closure of the application is two days before the start of the training.

• Who is doing the training?
ZAKO – žilinskí profesionálni kouči
Zlatica Maria Stubbs, MA, PCC, MKcS
Mgr. Peter Seemann, PhD, ACC

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