Find out what brought us and our guests to coaching in the workplace

We would like to invite you to 3 free of charge inspiring events online on ZOOM

25.2.2021 15.00-16.15 – Zlatka and her guests
4.3.2021 16.30-17.45 – Jarka and her guests
11.3.2021 15.00-16.15 – Peter and his guests

We look forward to our guests sharing their experiences of using coaching approach in the management, human resources, trading, automotive, education, IT and other areas. Especially welcomed are all of you interested in knowledge of coaching as a modern innovative management approach.

Coach tasting event is available right after each webinar.

We look forward to your attendance

Zlatica Maria Stubbs, MA, PCC, MKcS
PhDr. Mgr. Jarmila Záborská, PCC
Mgr. Peter Seemann, PhD., ACC